Oh goodness gracious me….!

Just a very quick update before we depart in 15 minutes for Jaipur…….Memsahib and I are in a small desert town half-way between Jaiselmere and Jaipur…. it's called Naguar, and no, I'd never heard of it before either. We've been here for 2 nights, staying in the most fantastic place you could wish for….

The reason for this quick 'post' is to let you know that I'm having trouble uploading to my blog, due to the remotness of this place, and the infrequent internet connection. We have just had breakfast, and leave shortly for a 6 hour drive to Jaipur, where hopefully the internet will be faster and more reliable. I have 3 new posts to put up on the 'blog' so watch out for them

Such a shame to leave this wonderful peaceful oasis so soon….and chance our luck on the Indian roads again…. gotta go…. TT and M


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