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Welcome to my Travel Blog, Travels With A TomTom

I first started this  blog-site Back in September 2011, when on a cold Thursday night  Yineka-mou (Literally it’s Greek for ‘my woman’ but generally used as ‘my wife’) and I board the Qatar Airlines flight from Perth to London’s Heathrow Airport, via Doha.

I thought it might be fun to keep a sort of diary of the trip, and decided that to ‘blog’ it instead would be interesting, and so here it is, with a good few trips under the belt later.

It seems that I always start the trips with the best intention of writing something every couple of days, but it never happens like that. Firstly it would be too boring , not for me but for you, and secondly, I seem to run out of time to write it, as frankly I have way too much fun.

Maybe I’ll be trying harder this trip ( 2018, Greece, Israel, France and elsewhere)  to keep up with my  travelogue/blog, and hopefully have lots more interesting stuff to write about…( and for you dear reader,  to hopefully enjoy reading), but no guarantees OK.

Last year (2017) I  purchased two new cameras, a Lumix TZ110, and the Nikon Waterproof AW130 (I really couldn’t be bothered lugging around the big 60D SLR camera and lenses again…) both of which  I have with me on this latest trip, though only occasionally use…… as my good mate Pete Maddison says, “The best camera is the one you always have in your pocket” which in my case happens to be the iPhone 7plus,  so expect lots of quirky photo’s as well…
Wish us Bon Viatge, Bon Voyage, Buon Viaggio and Kalo Taxidi!

Self Portrait
Self Portrait :This pic was taken very early one morning in May 2011 in Naousa, Paros, Greece..




2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Tom – great to see you & Lynley at the service for Graham – it would be good to catch up & hear more about your fantastic adventures – my mobile no is 0439 699 770, office no 6163 6102 – cheers, Michael Matthews


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