First Class to Delhi?……almost…

Enjoying the service in Emirates new Business lounge in Dubai..... at 2:30 am !!!
The last time I posted on the blog from Dubai I remember complaining about the price of the coffee as well as the service…..( actually it was in Doha airport, but both are in the ‘Yewknighted’ Arab Emirates, both begin with letter D, and both are places to be avoided at all cost, unless in transit…. and even then!!!!) Well, absolutely no complaints this time around, as we are ensconced in the Business Class Lounge in the new Terminal ‘A’ enjoying a glass or two of Moet…
good selection here
So far, everything about the trip has gone very smoothly. Just before we left home I tried to book a limo from the new service ‘UBER’ but without success, ( Ok then, not 100% smoothly…. but they have only just started up here in Perth, and don’t have too many cars signed up yet, so forgiven…) had to revert to Swan Taxis and take our chances. Thankfully, and unusually, the cab was a new one, and in a clean condition. The ( again, unusually) helpful young driver was from India (not so unusual for a Perth cabbie), and our ride to the airport was uneventful. If only our driver in India is as good as Veejay, then I’ll be happy. (Do ya think that Swan Taxi’s are trying that bit harder now they have some real competition from Uber….? I hope so) At the airport we dont even have to queue for check-in…. where are all the people….we get told that our Emirates flight to Dubai is leaving less than half full.. After the usual fiasco at the security check point, we check out the new mob who are now running the duty free store since Nuance (Nuisance more like it) got the flick……JR Duty Free, and I gotta say they are doing a great job too… ( am I a little biased? Maybe….They were my first employer when I landed in OZ 38 years ago) We are told that we can take 2 litres of plonk EACH into India, and so after loading up with 5 bottles of Margaret River’s finest vino blanco, a half bottle of Bacardi and a litre of my favourite Bombay Gin we stagger aboard the plane. ( India….not really known for it’s quality of wine, so we really do need to stock up!)

Wow, luck is really with the Memsahib today…the plane is indeed nearly empty, so M and I both end up with four seats each in the centre rows….. it’s an 11 hour flight, so we can stretch out on our makeshift ‘flat-bed’….. Maaaate…..this is even better than Business Class….

Looking around the quarter full plane.... which row shall I choose...
Service onboard is pretty good, probably because of so few passengers to take care of, so they are quick to respond to any of your requests for a drink…. ask for a Gin and tonic ( as I did) and 2 minutes later the hostie turns up with 2 miniatures of Gin….plus tonic, ice and a wedge of lemon…. The only thing they dislike is clearing away the emptys….still, cant really complain about that!
Recycle me please...
Our next leg from Dubai to Delhi is in Business Class….. I received an email 2 days ago offering an upgrade for just US$350 each….. and as we have a 6 hour stopover thought I’d take up the offer. Well worth it too, and that’s before we get on the flight. The Emirates Lounges in their new terminal are fantastic. Great selection of food, wine and booze on offer, and though we didn’t manage to drink the full value of $350 in Moet, we had a ggood try!

Onboard now, as I write this, and although not Emirates latest plane ( it is a bit old) still very comfortable up at the pointy end…. it’s a full flight too, so very pleased and happy that we aren’t esconsed at the back with the mob.

PS: 30 minutes to landing and the Hostie just handed out these EBOLA questionnaires….. bit scary….. remember how we used to worry about bird-flu…..They might need to dig out those old ‘Grim Reeper’ Aids prevention ads they used to show on TV

Avoid contact with bodily fluids'' Advice i've tried to stick to all my life.... not often with success... but that was in the 60's!!!
आपकी यात्रा शानदार हो  ......
which means 'Bon Voyage' in Hindi








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2 thoughts on “First Class to Delhi?……almost…

  1. Tinny Tom Tom,well done mate….Moet noted!!!! …Ebola….Bombay Sapphire will keep you immune….might help in other areas too! stay kool.
    P et GP.


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