Who cares…?

Yineka-mou and I are on the move again! It's ten to seven in the morning and it find's us sitting in the 'Coffee Beanery' ( motto; Coffee people who care) in Doha International Airport, ( they still haven't opened the NEW airport terminal here yet…it's now over 18 months behind schedule) enjoying an overpriced cup of coffee …. $7.50 each, but as good a cup joe as you'll probably find served in a paper cup anywheres….but by people who CARE…. that's the difference, and so could be worth the exorbitant price….. they dont tell you what it is they care about though….I'm willing to take bets that it's the bottom line!!

We are waiting for our connecting flight that'll take us on to Barcelona. Hard to believe that it was only in late May that we were there last…. there is a fountain in Las Ramblas, called, I think, the Fontana de Catalunya, which legend has, that if you should ever drink water from this fountain, you'll definately return to Barcelona. We passed by this fountain many times, but never stopped for a drink ( I rarely drink pure water anyway, unless it's in the form of ice-cubes!) , but maybe it's magical qualities are far stronger than the legend suggests…. it took me over 40 years to make my first return visit to BCN, and now I'll/we'll be back again just three months later. Why the rush to return…..well my good friends daughter is getting married on Saturday…. in Majorca….and we are on our way to the wedding. Why Majorca? Well her husband-to-be is a Spaniard, from Madrid….so why not eh….. and as some of you readers may know, YM and I love a good 'knees-up' no matter where in the world it is. So we have two nights to spend in Barcelona, and then a quick flight ( 50 minutes) over to Palma Majorca.

Boarding in Doha....the bag contains an Akubra hat, a present for a friend in Koufonisi.

Gotta go…they are calling our flight, QR 67…. 'buen viaje' I hope


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One thought on “Who cares…?

  1. Great to have you back, I LOVE travelling with you both!!!! No on else could make an over priced coffee in a paper cup, in an incomplete airport , sound sp appealing !! Have fun Lots of love ,Jen x

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